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Motion Controlled Rhythm

Shakie is an expressive motion controlled percussion instrument for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Imagine having a box you can throw things into and then shake them. That's Shakie! 

When you tilt or shake your iOS device, Shakie's on-screen pellets respond and trigger a number of high quality sound samples. Every subtle motion is picked up and animated. A real-time pitch shifter lets you shift the pitch as you swirl and shake the pellets. The interface is beautifully clean, simple and ready for you to pick up and play.

Shakie's built in pellets include maraca, shakers, tambourine, castanet, bells and spoon. 


New in version 1.2: Adjustable width pellet container. The update also makes the volume more sensitive to the velocity of individual pellets, increasing the richness and nuance of the sound. 

  • Realistic physics engine models individual pellets as they hit and bounce. 
  • Responds to quick and subtle movements allowing you to create complex rhythms and sounds 
  • Pellet movement is captured using your device's accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Realtime pitch shifting. Shift the pitch as you swirl and shake the pellets.

Create different sounds depending on how you hold and move it.



iOS devices recognize motion along the plane of the screen. If you have one with a gyro, it'll pickup twisting as well. Here are two grips to try:

  • Hold the phone vertically. Turn the phone so the edge with your thumb is facing you. Make small chopping motions away from you, similar to using an egg shaker.

  • Hold the phone flat, parallel to the ground. Thumb on a long edge facing you, with your other fingers on the far edge. Shake away and toward you, similar to using a canister shaker.

Shakie is a Blue Prophet project created by Andy Chen.